Arrell Food Institute

How we solved a content sharing barrier for an educational food institute associated with the University of Guelph


Seamless user journeys and easy navigation

During the project, we worked hard to ensure all web pages were structured with UX principles in mind. In other words, we designed to site to be navigable and clear. Whether users are interested in finding out more about COVID-19’s effect on the global food system or simply want to discover about the Arrell Food Institute’s employees, our restructure ensures that such information is easily available. Thanks to our restructuring, users can reach most of the institute’s web pages within a few simple clicks. 


Custom templates to help the institute maintain consistency

Esthetic and functional consistency is vital for any organization that plans to expand and evolve relatively fast. To help the Arrell Food Institute future-proof its website, we developed several intuitive design templates designed to make content uploads easier than ever before. We based our templates on the design elements used for the site restructure and informed the Arrell team about how to operate the site going forward.