Healthcare Marketing


Focus In. Stand Out.

Core’s previous brand did not position them as the experts in the Canadian Healthcare Marketing space, so the new Core brand needed to stand out while also speaking a language that clients were familiar with and could understand.

We designed this brand around the concept of getting to the heart of what matters and radiating that outwards once you’ve found that core point. There were many ideas of matter concentrating into a singular-fusion point that would then explode outwards, but we tempered that energy down in order to match the organization’s tone more consistently.

What we got was a warm and inviting visual system that brings an excitement often lacking in the healthcare space. The logomark focuses on the center circle as a focal point, with its many radiating circles shining outwards, showcasing Core’s commitment to helping clients stand out in the marketplace.

“Through their expertise and thoughtful guidance, Anyday elevated our brand to a place we didn’t think possible. They put immense energy into building trust in our relationship, and graciously challenged us to take risks that proved to be incredibly valuable.”

Christine O’Reilly
President, Core

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