Design AV

How we helped position a tech AV startup as the safe and simple solution.


Bringing old-school modulars into the twenty-first century

To differentiate Design AV from its many competitors, we knew we would have to emphasize its cutting-edge approaches to technology. The company’s main product is a centralized audio/video module allowing users to control air conditioning, lighting, televisions, sound systems, garage doors, and more using a single control panel. The Design AV system can be used in domestic spaces or commercial buildings and boasts a hyper-futuristic edge that tech fans will love. 

Our goal, therefore, was to capitalize on the notion of “centrality.” We would have to emphasize the benefits of integrating traditional modulars such as televisions and lighting fixtures into a simple control system. Forget lost remote controllers and constantly getting up to adjust the heating – our messaging would articulate the convenience of a Design AV console and appeal to customers who appreciate organization in their lives. 


“One for All”

Having finalized the brand identity, we required a catchy message that would encapsulate the company’s central promise to customers. Again, we would need to emphasize the centrality of the control system and the organizational power that comes with operating technology using a single control panel.

Eventually, we came up with “One for All,” a slogan that emphasizes the functionality of Design AV’s console while encompassing an attractive ethos of togetherness. 


A navigable website with digestible information

Having secured a brand identity for Design AV, we could move on to designing their website. As a modern and minimalist brand, we wanted to keep Design AV’s content to a minimum while ensuring visitors could access all the relevant information they desired. 

The finished product is easy to navigate and accessible across all types of devices. We also carefully placed professional photography of Design AV’s past projects on the site, with a view to enhancing confidence in the brand.