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Williams2 Real Estate Case Study

The Brand

Looking beyond the walls of a home, beyond the walls of an industry.

Founded and led by the eclectic and larger than life Cathy Williams, the new W2 brand needed to encapsulate her energy, and fervor while still representing the twenty or so agents that compose the company.

The Williams2 ethos is that “goodness cannot be beaten”. They are visionaries that are intently curious and caring, and apply their skills to create a vision with their clients, getting intentional about the lives they want to live. It’s this desire and ability to understand that allows them to exceed expectations. And it’s this that makes them so different from other classic Real Estate companies.


Built on Relationships, Connections, a Human Curiosity and Understanding.

We designed this brand around the core-concepts of vision, intention, and the question “How do you want to live your life?”. The now fully capitalized wordmark imbues a sense of ownership over the space and an updated colour palette helps reflect the more mature nature of a global real-estate company, while still bringing with it some of the Cayman coastline.

The Williams2 logomark is built around a capitalized W within a physical square, which is the foundation of a brand identity system based on insight, vision and intentionality.

We created a globally scalable, mature and refined brand that showcases the genuine difference in working with a company that is interested in helping define and design a life, rather than just selling a house. And as a long-term partner, we’re just getting started.

“Anyday embarked on a deep dive into our souls and dug deeper to find out how we truly want to show up on a national and global stage.”

Cathy Williams
Founder, Williams2 Real Estate


A Digital Product to Support a Brand Promise of Care.

Building trust with buyers, sellers, and agents is a promise that can easily be broken with poor technical infrastructure or bad development practices. When technology falters, a brand is impacted, and in an industry like real-estate there is no wiggle room for losing trust at any touchpoint.

We built the Williams2 digital experience using a modern tech stack that is secure, lightweight, and blazing fast, providing a foundation that can sustain rapid and global growth.

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